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The Top Benefits of a Self-Storage Unit to Reduce Moving Stress

"Moving ranks as one of the most stressful life events. Your life is disrupted as you make adjustments to your daily routine. Plus, organizing, packing and keeping track of your belongings is a hassle. Then, once you move, you have to figure out where to put all your items.

Luckily, you can take away some of that stress by storing your packed-up possessions. A self-storage unit is an option that offers many benefits. It’s one less stressor as you go through the home buying and selling process.

For more information on the benefits of a self-storage unit to reduce the stress of moving, continue reading below.


One of the most difficult aspects of moving is deciding where to put your belongings once packed, especially if you’re still showing your current home.

Self-storage units offer a convenient solution that can be short- or long-term, depending on your needs. They keep stacks of boxes and excess furniture out of the way, yet accessible.

The following are common situations in which a self-storage unit is most useful.

  • Consolidating Homes: Did you just get married? Newlyweds or couples moving in together can have duplicate items that won’t fit in their new space. A self-storage unit can keep these items out of the way until you decide what to do with them.

  • Downsizing: Are you in the process of downsizing? Empty nesters moving into a smaller space may need extra storage for items like furniture, as well as children’s toys and clothing that will get handed down and used again.

  • Staging a Home: Do you have children? Pets? If you’re in the process of moving, but still have items in your home that don’t necessarily look ready for a real estate showing, a storage unit can help.

  • Switching Jobs: Are you relocating to a different city for a new job? A self-storage unit is a place to store your belongings until you’re ready to move.

  • Waiting on a Closing Date: Do you need to be out of your current place by a certain time? Instead of moving everything twice, you can keep your items in a temporary storage unit.

No matter the situation, rest assured knowing your belongings are safe and sound.


Not all storage units are the same. The type of unit you select depends on the items you have to store and the time of year. You should take extra measures to protect your belongings.

Climate-controlled units are designed to keep your belongings safe from indoor and outdoor elements. They are temperature and humidity controlled to prevent items from turning moldy or smelly. Attics, basements and garages can’t always protect your belongings from these factors.

Some examples of items that should be stored in a climate-controlled unit include:

  • Artwork

  • Documents

  • Electronics

  • Furniture

  • Photos

  • Rugs

It’s easy to store items anywhere, but climate-controlled units can offer both convenience and protection. Considering the safety of your belongings ahead of time will save you the stress of having to replace something later, or potentially losing something irreplaceable.


Many self-storage companies provide convenient features and amenities to enhance your experience. Here are a few we recommend researching:

  • Security Features: Look for facilities that have state-of-the-art technology, including features like 24-hour DVR surveillance, alarm systems, sophisticated locks, ample lighting and pass-code entry gates.

  • Flexible Leasing Options: Depending on your situation, you may only need temporary storage. Companies that offer month-to-month options with no long-term commitments are ideal. Make sure you understand the policies and any penalties for moving out early.

  • Free Moving Truck: Certain self-storage companies offer unique features. For example, at Security Self Storage, we offer a free moving truck for moving your items to your unit (certain restrictions apply). We drive the truck to your home, wait while you load it, and then drive it back to your storage unit."

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